Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This has nothing to do with WriteOnCon, but I've wasted a lot of my summer reading fashion magazines or browsing online store catalogues. I'm chunky. I really hope that I'm not fat but 92 lbs is a lot. Looking at picture after picture of gorgeous models doesn't help my self esteem very much. *mutters* I better start a new skincare routine, learn how to use makeup, and loose ten pounds. But that wasn't the point of this post. I just threw that in to add a little "fluff" to this post so it'll look longer. ;D Really, though. I've gotta loose weight...

WriteOnCon is amazing. I've spent the last two days glued to my computer (see the problem?) just watching/reading the articles on this site. There's one day left! After August 18th, it's done for this year. It's geared towards writers that have MC's 18-years-old or less but there are a lot of general ideas that can be applied to any genre of writing. Kiersten White and Lauren Oliver have vlogs/articles with advice, so get your lazy ass over there! Write On Con covers the stages from the first sentence to publication! It's an online writers' conference and it's absolutely free~ What are you waiting for? Oh, the link? Well here it is!

Now what are you still doing here? :/ Shoo! Scram!


  1. ummmm...I can't find the "Follow" button. My pc is screwing with me....i'll try again later. But seriously, 92 lb isn't that much....I that much. But weight doesn't matter. What matters is how you look. If you look thin, but weigh a hundred pounds, it's fine. Now...if you look fat and weigh's, I'm just echoing comments I read on Yahoo!beauty articles.

  2. lol, you don't have to follow this blog if you don't really want to. xD I'm keeping the other one up and going as well. But you're probably taller than me. I weigh 92 lbs but I look heavier. That's the problem. Haha, I do that too.