Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last Day of Live Bloggin' Fun

It's the last day of our first crazy live bloggin' experience and I've started really late. Yesterday (previous post) I took a quick trip to the library to grab some sexy little books. Hehehehe! That was such a bad idea! I read one yesterday and then another this morning. I'm actually considering to give up and power through my books instead of words. Eeek! The good thing is that Chloe's chilling around the Bay Area today.

Chloe's Blog I don't think she'll be doing a lot of live blogging today. >:D

9:02 am: Woke up. Stayed in bed because it was warm. After I got bored of being warm, I ran downstairs to grab a book from the huge stack I got from the library. Sat on the couch. My dog joined me. He's warm. <3

10:02 am: Finished Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. Sat back and processed the story for a minute before I got bored.

Daily Word Goal: 0/5000

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 2 of Live Bloggin'

I'm in a crappy mood. Writing this much is kind of hard.

Saturday 8:40 am: Woke up reluctantly. Started writing even more reluctantly.

Saturday 9:04 am: Ate breakfast. Stopped my reluctant writing.

Saturday 10:26 am: Chloe's twitter and blog are quiet. Too quiet. Still haven't started writing yet.

Daily Word Count: 459/5000 I'm feeling screwed already.

Somewhere between 10:26 am and 11:35am: Wrote a lot. Checked twitter a lot. Checked Chloe's blog obsessively.

Saturday 11:35 am: Made 2k. I've earned my lunch. Crunchy noodles, ftw!

Daily Word Count: 2165/5000 Almost halfway there! All's quiet in Chloe land. *fearful whisper*

Saturday 12:07 pm: Finished eating lunch. Surfed the internet. Look at pretty pictures on deviantart. Tried to ignore Chloe's pestering about a total word count. (It didn't work) I made green tea an hour ago and forgot about it. Now it's cold and way too strong. My Edward tea tastes bad. :(

Daily Word Count: Same... Total: 8916/15000

Saturday 12:12 pm: Watched an episode of the Vampire Diaries. My nose is running. I think I'm coming down with a cold.

Saturday 12:48 pm: Wrote a little bit. Mostly surfed deviantart. I also snuggled with my dog but he doesn't seem to like it.

Daily Word Count: 2527/5000 Halfway done! Total: Who the hell cares? :D Chloe's been busy...God dammit!

Saturday 1:07 pm: Decided to start writing after staring at twitter for ten minutes. No, people aren't going to tweet just because I want them to. I checked Chloe's blog. Ha! She's doing bio! And she has a group meet up! Started writing at a snail's pace. Stopped and ate leftover crunchy noodles. Debated whether or not to return to my writings. Started writing.

Saturday 1:36 pm: Still writing. Managed to reach 3k. I'm starting to feel burned out. *sighs* I decided to distract myself by texting my friend even though I should be using this time to get farther ahead of Chloe. Thing's are starting to slow down...

Daily Word Count: 3172/5000 Total: 9923/15000 Chloe's blog is quiet again...I can only hope she's doing biology instead of writing.

Saturday 1:40 pm-3:37 pm: Writing really slowly. Burned out. Grumpy. Paranoid. Sent a bunch of texts to Chloe and tweeted her a bunch. No reply. Maybe she's writing like a crazy person and she's passed me. Still paranoid and beginning to resemble a rabid animal.

Saturday 3:37 pm: A cyrptic tweet from Chloe. "It's still going". What can this mean? Is she still doing biology work?

Saturday 4:05 pm: Wrote around one hundred words. Texted a friend. Got distracted by TV. Heading off to the library even though I should write until I reach 5k.

Daily Word Count: 4283/5000 Total: Too lazy to tell you

Saturday 4:52 pm: Back from the library. All of those books made me kind of giddy. And sick. My stomach's killing me again. (No, I didn't eat the books) 700 words left before 5k. But I wanna reeeeeeeeaaaaad. My stomach and my headaches are trying to overthrow my mind. Bad body. Bad. I still want to read. I picked up Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr and The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. See my dilemma? Chloe's started writing again.

Saturday 5:40 pm: I finished my daily word goal! Whoooooooo! Watching Psych and eating chocolate!

Daily Word Count: 5751/5000 Total: 11808/15000 Chloe's on a roll! I'm worried...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Live bloggin' love

So a while back Stephenie Perkins, author of Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door, made a bet against Beth Revis, the author of Across the Universe. Naturally, because I have no independent thoughts, I decided it'd be a great idea to make a crazy bet with my friend. We mused over it for a while but finally decided on the looser's punishment. Oh, and we made a word goal. But the punishment's kind of the interesting part. The goal is to write 10k words this weekend and as a last minute thing, we allowed Friday evening to count too.

The looser has to wear a dress to school on Monday. My friend, Chloe, and I are not the prissy types. Hell, I only own one dress and I'm fairly certain it'll get me dress cut. So yeah, I CAN'T LOOSE!

Chloe's Blog

Check out our twitter distractions. (Us trying to distract the other person) It's rather amusing.!/lBroken_angel Mine!/CannibalCarrot Her's

Friday 3:40 pm: Home from school. Eat asian ice pops. Omnomnomnom... Discuss Divergent by Veronica Roth with brother.

Friday 4:00 pm: Heeeeeey there, internet. <3 I love you. Please marry me.

Friday: 4:28 pm: Set up blog. Watch the Vampire Diaries with sister because she thinks if she watches it without me, the monsters will jump out of the screen and eat her.

WC: 4887/1500
Daily Word Goal: 0/3000

Friday 4:58 pm: Still watching the Vampire Diaries. I loooove you, Damon. Also surfing deviant art and holding a one-sided conversation with my dog. I checked Chloe's blog and I'm feeling a bit panicky. But I don't want to write...

Friday 5:05 pm: Holy shit, I think my stomach's trying to kill me! It huuuuuuurts...*whimpers*

Daily Word Goal: 0/3000

Friday 5:30 pm: Stomach's better. Chattin' with parents.

Friday 5:47 pm: Finished eating dinner. Going shopping. Screw writing.

Daily Word Goal: 3/3000

Friday 6:00 pm-8:25 pm: Shopping. I made Chloe come with me. >:3 The fluffy, the shiny, the squishy...

Daily Word Goal: Do you really have to ask?

Friday 9:08 pm: I wrote a little, tried to distract Chloe a lot. She's trying to use Damon against me. Pssshhh....I'm using him against her as well.

Daily Word Goal: 536/3000 It's improvement...

Friday 9:28 pm: Got to the 1k marker. Decided to reward myself with a short break.

Friday: 9:30-10:29 pm: Watchin' Psych. Realized that the break was too long. Stopped. I'm feeling kind of tired now.

Friday: 10:30 pm: CANDY! YOU WILL MAKE ME HYPER, NO?

Daily Word Count: Too lazy to check.

Friday 11:12 pm: I'm too tired to think. Or write. Or just move my fingers in ways that make words. I think I'm going to call it a night. (Grr, Chloe's probably rejoicing at this news)

Daily Word Count: 1864/3000 SCREW YOU!
WC: 6751/15000

PS: Noni!? Ohmygod, is that you? *tackles*