Monday, August 15, 2011


Well, hi there. I’m Julie. I’m no stranger to the blogosphere, but I used to own this super secret blog. (No, I will not give you the url) If you read my short “About Me” section, then you’ll know that I want to be an author. If you were lazy and decided not to read it, now you know!

I know I have a long way to go before being a published author but I’m not one of those “I’ll write a book one day” kind of people. “One day” may as well be equivalent to “never” because that kind of thinking gets you nowhere. I’m young but I’m using today to write and learn more about literature. (I’m lying when I say “learn more about literature” Most of the literature I read is YA. I have an unhealthy addiction to YA novels. Hellooo? Hot guys and paranormal creatures. What’s not to like? ;D)

I have a list of my imaginary (meaning fictional) boyfriends, but I’m afraid to post it up here because of all those rabid fangirls. Including me, of course. I’m a very rabid fangirl and will spend hours arguing with my friends over who gets who. I always end up with the coolest one(s). It’s only because they’ll go “Meh, they don’t exist. Who cares?” Well I care. I happen to care A LOT.

As you can see, I have a…love for using parenthesis. Don’t mind me too much. Just think of me as one of those crazies with a million personalities. There, that should fix it. No? Well, I suppose I’ll have to lighten up a little on my parenthesis. –sob-

I’d love to learn more about writing (I sound like an idiot. Dur dur durrr) so if you have any advice for a novice, drop me a line, ‘kay? ;D

Well here goes! My writing journey feels official now that I have this savvy blog. (You like? I know. I’m so good with technology.)

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