Friday, January 13, 2012

Yes, we're having ANOTHER live blog.

There's a universal truth/cliche I happen to fulfill that teenagers are lazy. Now I know that not all teenagers are lazy, but it's one of those things that get passed on. Especially in today's obesity worried world. I'm one of those teenagers. Okay, here's my confession.



...Are you sure?

I haven't written a word in two weeks. 

Yes, you read it right. (Well, actually, I have written quite a lot more than a word, but those are notes and stuff for school and that kind of stuff drives me bonkers) The stakes are the same, looser has to wear a dress to school. Most girls my age are like, "Psh, a dress? I wear that anyways. It's a pathetic punishment." Well SCREW YOU, GIRL MY AGE. No, actually, that's not what I wanted to say. Congrats for braving the cold and freezing your butt off in those cute dresses of yours. I happen to like keeping my body a warm temperature. And I think my man thighs look kind of grotesque under a flouncy dress.  My friend and I were pretty hardcore with our last live blog bet, with the 6k a day competition but next week it's finals week and we have some studying to do. (Plus, I have to do my math homework from this entire week. This week was kind of hectic. I had to prioritize my homework. Surprise, surprise, math got bumped down to last place)

Here in the US of A we have a three day weekend in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. My friend and I are aiming to write 10k over the three day weekend. She was a good girl and set up her blog post as soon as she got home whereas I just took out a book and read. Yeah, I'm that girl. The one who can read a book in about two hours and who's always carrying something written with her. The girl who sucks at real life.

We'll probably keep the lovely tradition of attempting to distract each other via text or twitter. Sadly, you guys cannot read our text messages. But you can tune in to our twitter feeds. We'd be thrilled if you tweeted us during our endeavor. Since you're here, we'll also track our progress on our respective blogs.

Chloe's blog (The one known in this post as "my friend"):

FRIDAY (the 13th)

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm : Ate this amazing cotton candy ice cream my mom bought. Read Linger by Maggie Stiefvater.

5:40 pm: Surfed the internet like the brain dead zombie I happen to be. Read a few blogs. Looked at pictures on and watched some pointless youtube videos. Oh yeah, this is productivity at its greatest.

6:00 pm - 6:40 pm: Ate dinner with the family. For like five minutes. Then my siblings ditched and left me to spend some good ol' quality time with the parents. Oh goody!

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm: Saw an awesome school play. It was hilarious and the actors were amazing.

10: 21 pm: Killed time on twitter and blogger. Fell in love with Maggie Stiefvater again after rereading a few posts on her blog. She should totally marry me.

11:43 pm: Goodnight, world.

Word count: 0/10000

8:30 am: Woke up. My first coherent thought was something about mice and headaches. I have no clue why the heck I was thinking about mice, but I was. Tried to go back to sleep but my stupid brain won't shut up. So here I am, editing this blog post.

9:38 am: Between now and 8:30, I've had breakfast and started writing. I made some eggs but accidentally cracked them badly so I was picking out eggshells like an idiot for fifteen minutes. Writing wise, I'm terrible at pacing so the action/tense scene is way too descriptive to be okay. But it's alright right now because it inflates word count. Did I mention that I'm jumping from scene to scene? Yeah, NOT OKAY, Julie.

10:11 am: Sent a few panicked and desperate tweets to Chloe. The paranoia's settling in. Her blog is quiet. Too quiet. I hope she's asleep but I have this nagging feeling that she's turned off her internet and is doing that crazy Chloe world making machine thing. Wrote in between panic attacks.

10:43 am: Listened to some Taylor Swift music on youtube because someone from inkpop suggested a few of her songs. Then listened to Yiruma because he's awesome. Wrote some more. I didn't really realize my character was that suicidal.

WC: 1458/10000 
Progress is still progress.

12:24 pm: Wrote a bit. Texted Chloe. Went on twitter. I'm off to Chevy's because my dad has a gift card.

WC: 2341/10000
I didn't get much done. I like the internet to much to be productive.

12:47 pm: Okay, I kind of lied about going to Chevy's. My parents got mad at each other and my mom wound up taking my sister to a local restaurant instead. Whatever. More time to write. (Or procrastinate) Remember how last time we did this live blog thing I hated myself a lot? Well yeah, I've reverted to hating myself. What is this junk I'm writing? ARE THESE EVEN WORDS!?

1:48 pm: Wrote a weird-ish dialogue thing between three of my characters. They all swapped personalities (It was by accident!) and I have my work in editing cut out for me. Ugh. The kind of pervy character suddenly got all calm and serious, the goofy one acted like a mute, and the main character had a mental breakdown. Oh what fun it is to write stuff that makes no sense!

WC: 3005/10000
I'm a slow writer. Deal with it.

2:13 pm: Haha, writing? What's that? I'm having a whole lot of fun reading manga instead. Magical girl transformation! *cute sounds and fluffy pink hearts appear* Just kidding. I don't like magical girl stories very much. I'm reading a murder mystery one. It's kind of lame but the pictures are good!

3:53 pm: Chatted with Chloe on facebook for a while. Sorry, you can't see that chat either. But yeah, Chloe's hilarious. And awesome. And a genius. I have a new plan for my characters and this one involves a lot of kissing. And my emo character just turned into the fallback kisser.

4:11 pm: For someone who wasn't planning on writing, I got some decent work done. I usually have to struggle to get this much.

WC: 3475/10000

5:36 pm: I did some photo editing and tried to make my blog all swag. But technology hates my guts so the pretty swag failed and we still have this boring blog for all that grueling work.

6:00 pm: Ate dinner. My parents went grocery shopping so they bought me a cherry slushie. Had pizza for dinner. Junk food, yay! Who needs to be healthy? Psh, not me! Hello future health problems!

6:48 pm: Watching last week's episode of Vampire Diaries with my little sister. Yay, Damon!

WC: No change

7:43 pm - 9:08 pm: Wrote like the a tornado. Never mind the fact that tornadoes are chaotic and destructive and in general, don't write. Right now, my brain is completely fried and I'm not sure what my last two paragraphs in my Word document are about. Tornadoes write. Because I am a tornado. Rawr.

WC: 5468/10000

9:30 am: Tried to write according to THE PLAN Chloe and I (but mostly Chloe) came up with via facebook yesterday. My characters decided to fight. I don't think they can kiss anymore. My inability to control the characters inside of my head leads me to think that I have some kind of inferiority complex. Because seriously, what kind of characters don't listen to their writer?

9:58 am: Sent a panicked facebook message to Chloe about previous log. WHY WON'T THEY LISTEN!? THE PLAN IS RUINED. Still haven't had breakfast.

WC: Not worth telling. I've only written about a hundred words.

10:00 am - 6:50 pm: Stuff happened. Cool beans, right?

6:57 pm: Watching the Golden Globes with my parents. I wrote a little bit today but it wasn't very much. About three of my characters decided to rebel against me. I have no idea how parents of teenagers have the energy to keep fighting back. I mean, I'm waging an imaginary war against my characters, so who knows how much worse it must be against a real person. Because, you know, real people can throw things.

WC: 7844/10000

3:12 pm: Reached 10k!

WC: 10095

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