Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love Triangles

Currently, I'm on a quick break from studying for my semester exams, so of course I decided to blog about a tricky subject in YA literature. Because that's what all the cool kids are doing, right? (Actually, all the cool kids are either studying like maniacs or blowing their tests on for facebook) I'll apologize beforehand, because it seems like the ungodly amount of Spanish I tried to cram into my poor little brain has fried it completely. I'm not even going to start complaining about bio or else this may take up the entire post.

Love triangles are popping up everywhere in modern day YA literature. Twilight seems to have spawned this trend, or so many experts say. Well, the thing is, the whole Bella/Jacob/Edward thing going on? Yeah, that's not actually a love triangle. Most people believe that love triangles are when two (ridiculously hot or otherwise) guys fall in love with a girl. The girl is almost always the main character. Don't get me wrong, guys can have two girls vying for their affection's just not as common. We'll use the whole "love triangle" from Twilight as an examples of why most love triangles aren't love triangles. Most of these so called love triangles are nothing but love angles disguising themselves as triangles. You want to know why? Even if you don't, I'll tell you. Edward and Jacob have no relationship with each other than just being rivals for Bella's love. Therefor, a line is missing. And since triangles are polygons and polygons are enclosed figures, the love angle is nothing more than a poser.

Behold! Bad diagrams and even worse explanations!

Love Angle
          /       \
Edward     Jacob

Now, while most of the relationships disguised as love triangles are angles, there are some actual love triangles out there. They're rare, but not imaginary. For example, in The Infernal Devices, a series by Cassandra Clare, Jem and Will both love Tessa,  but Jem and Will also have a separate relationship with each other, other than just being rivals. They're parabatai, sworn to protect the other on the cost of their own life. Will, who seemingly hates everyone, loves Jem. He loves Jem more than anything in the world and Jem loves Will as well. (In a platonic way) Once you introduce the whole marriage/courting kind of love, that's where Tessa comes in. BAM! Now you've got a love triangle that works.

Another example of a real love triangle is the relationship between Damon, Elena, and Stephen from The Vampire Diaries. Stephen and Damon both love Elena. Stephen and Damon are also brothers. Instant relationship!

Actual Love Triangles

    Tessa                       Elena
   /         \                     /         \
Will -- Jem          Damon -- Stephen

I hope that cleared some things up for you guys. Or at the very least, offered a few minutes of distraction for you while you read it/debated my sanity. It's back to studying for me!

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