Saturday, January 7, 2012

Visual Inspiration (1)

In between homework assignments and goofing off on the internet, I collect pictures off tumblr and other sites (ok, so this counts as goofing off on the internet) that remind me of my stories. It's kind of something I do to guilt trip myself into opening up my word doc and writing. Because hey, I'm in a very serious relationship with Procrastination. I think I might propose soon but I found out he was cheating on me with ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND HALF THE POPULATION. So yeah...I'm not really into polygamy or anything, but I can't rid myself of this relationship no matter how hard I try. (Which honestly, isn't very hard)

Oops, rambling again. Here are a few pictures that remind me of themes/ideas/events/characters in my yet to be officially named project. It's about genies. :) And yes, I do have a legit file just for these pictures.

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