Sunday, December 18, 2011


There's this fairly old belief that movies totally screw over a book. But...but what about movies that just suck? There's no book to compare to, just a really bad movie. The same goes for books, but I'm currently trapped at one of my mother's friend's house and there's this really weird movie on about a dog who used to be human who's a total asshole. (I'm a run on sentence fiend when I'm sleep deprived)

In any story, things have to make sense. I mean, it's nice to leave some things to be explained later or let the reader/viewer figure it out themselves, but there's a point where a reader/viewer will go "WTF" and leave. I reached that point when two dogs began to speak to each other telepathically. Sadly, it was a choice between gossiping fifty-year-olds and a really crappy movie. I stuck with the really crappy movie.

Generally, you're supposed to root for, or at least support the main character. It doesn't always happen, but the author's supposed to make the main character likable. Sure, they'll have flaws, but still, LIKABLE. The main character of this movie is a really adorable lab that used to be human. I mean come on, he's a DOG! Everyone loves dogs. But the movie makers still managed to make the dog a total dick. They managed to make you hate an adorable, fluffy doggy. Now that takes some hard work. The dog bit his wife's new husband while the man was driving and looking for his sick son in a snowstorm. Say it with me, "What a douche!"

And then the dog who can speak with the main character dog telepathically just died. At the end of the movie he came back as a telepathic squirrel. Um...what? *blinks* I know that I'm good at predicting endings and that most people hate it, but don't feel too accomplished by stumping me with a crackpot ending.

Rambly rant over. The bottom line is that plot twists are good, encouraged even, but don't write a story that makes so little sense that your readers wonder if you take drugs before you hit the keyboard.

Sorry for my crude language. When I get really tired, I tend to resort to dirty jokes and cussing. It's not good. Not good at all. I'm sorry. Oh pooh, this means I'm a bad person, doesn't it?

Have you ever read a book that makes no sense or a movie without a plot?


  1. Yeah, a ton! I hated them (obviously.) The movie isn't Shaggy Dog, is it?

    And I love your blog. :) Are you by any chance Broken Angel? And could you please follow my blog?

  2. This movie sounds like a must-see. Title?

  3. ice-rain: Hmm, I'm not sure. When I got there, the movie had already started and no one else knew what we were watching. I just searched Shaggy Dog and I don't think that's it. It was a Labrador instead of a sheepdog.

    Thank you! Yes, I'm Broken Angel, how'd you know? (Or did you find this blog through the link in my last one?) Don't tell anyone, though, 'kay? I'm trying to make a fresh start for myself in the blogsphere.