Monday, December 26, 2011

Live Blog with Cannibal Carrot Numero Dos

My writing has been stilted and almost nonexistent these past few days so yesterday I proposed another Word Goal Competition Thingy with my friend, Cannibal Carrot. If you weren't here for the past one (which lasted a weekend) and you're too lazy to go back and check my past posts, it's just a competition where we had to write 10k in two days. If you're worse than math than I am, it's 5k a day. This time, we're raising the bar. It'll be a one day deal, but instead of 5k, it'll be 6k. The bet's the same (although I was unaware we even had a bet until I checked her blog) If you don't write 6k today, you have to wear a dress to school on Mon--Tuesday.

9:40 am: Woke up. Looked at clock and then promptly went back to sleep. I stayed up until 12 something last night (this morning) because our dinner guests got drunk and couldn't tell time.

10:28 am: Checked Chloe's blog. No, no, no...opened up my word document and started to feel like shit. I'm aware this feeling will last all day.

11:16 am: Wrote for the past hour or so. The bad feeling didn't go away and now I hate my characters AND my writing. I earned breakfast, though.
WC: 1005/6000 Still way behind Chloe. She got a head start today. I wonder how much she has now...

11:43 am: Ate a breakfast of cookies, which will totally screw over my blood sugar level. Hello type two diabetes, I think I see you in my future! I found a piece of chocolate that will be my prize for reaching 2k.

12:27 pm: Wrote like hell, even though I'm a slow writer. Just wrote. Nothing else. The selfhatred is growing stronger.

WC: 2062/6000

12:53 pm: Finished the scene I was working on all morning. I've resorted to skipping around the story. Now I know it's never going to be finished and never going to be complete. *sigh*

WC: 2589/6000

12:54 pm: Going on an internet detour to cleanse my brain. Screw self control, I'll go crazy with my word doc all day.

1:00-1:59 pm: Alternated between surfing the internet and writing. I couldn't write without a little help, so I brought sexy Thomas back with all of his perverted glory. Blushed a lot while writing sexy scenes. Also paranoidly watched my bedroom door in case my parents wanted to come in and read over my shoulder.

WC: 3429/6000 I think I've earned my lunch.

2:40 pm: Pretty, pretty books. I think I'll be stupid and read you!

4:02 pm: Legend by Marie Lu is a FREAKIN' AMAZING book. The shitty feeling just increased tenfold. I think I'll keep the break going until it gets dark outside. For some reason it's easier to write during the night. And maybe the time will separate the shitty feelings and adoration from my writing.

5:33 pm: The sun is down. After a mind numbing hour of internet crap, it's time to return to THE WORK. Ugh, ugh, ugh...but ooh! Kissy scene. Oh wait...already wrote that.

5:46 pm: Procrastinated and made popcorn. Add said popcorn with sister while looking a her latest celebrity gossip magazine and dissing celebs.

6:11 pm: Wrote like the wiiind. (Even though the wind doesn't write) Mind numb. I can't feel my brain...

WC: 4570/6000 Only about 1.5k to go! Whoo! Chloe has yet to update. I'm frightened...

6:42 pm: Went on facebook while I was busy being embarrassed about writing a kissing scene. Checked Chloe's blog. No update. It's quite. Too quiet...

7:19 pm: Went and did the deed. Kissing scene is done.

WC: 5478/6000 I've earned my dinner. About 500 words left! Fight!

7:21-7:39 pm: Dinner. Spagetti and meatballs, yum yum!

7:58 pm: OHMYGOD! I reached 6k. I am done with this challenge. BS-ed a bunch with girly conversations, perverted guy antics, and kissing. Lots of kissing.

Final WC: 6004/6000 I might write more today, but I doubt it. I'm feeling kind of worded out right now.


  1. Well, you're a little over halfway done. :) And the day is pretty much halfway over.... so I think you're in a good shape. :)

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