Monday, October 3, 2011


I like to think of procrastination as a disease, even though I have a lot of control over it. Like right now, for example. I know that I should be working on my Spanish project for orals tomorrow, but I've gotten this far and I want to bang my head against mi escritorio until my head's reduced to a bloody stump of a neck. Lovely, eh? (What, the run on sentence or the mental image?) Oh, other Julie's back! I suppose four hours straight of schoolwork is enough to make drive anyone insane.

But yes, as writer's we also deal with a lot of procrastination. I'm not the only one who has an irresistible need to check my twitter every few seconds or read another blog post, am I? Because if I am, then I'm a really pathetic creature.

The point of this extremely pointless and rambling post is that you can beat procrastination. Get your butt in the chair, turn off the internet, and write.

No, you cannot use laundry as an excuse.


Well, I better follow my own advice. Off to finish the Spanish! Ugh...did I mention that I'm going to fail?

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