Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Insecure Writer's Group

Today is the day where the the insecure writers post one insecurity! Whoo~ I think all writers are insecure people. For goodness sake, what made us decide to hole up and make up characters instead of socializing with real ones? Unless you're schizophrenic, of course. Then you really have no other option.

Let's get crackin'! Here's my insecurity.

My stories suck.

Yeah, that's right. I know that every single writer thinks like this every now and then (ok, a lot) but it's all I can think about. Sometimes I'll stare at my screen with a panicked expression and my sister will snicker at me. I'm new to writing. It's a given that my stories will suck. 

But I still can't get over how terrible they are! Every single sentence sounds forced. My characters lack personality, or at the very least, a consistent personality. My main character is whiney and way too angry at the world. And the list goes on and on and on and ooooon~ Street lights~

Gah, I got sidetracked again. The quality (or lack of) in my stories depresses me. I must be masochistic because I still write anyways. It totally kills my social life and self esteem but I can't seem to stop! Who needs drugs when you have writing?


  1. Julie, but you'll get better the more you write! There are some really awesome bloggers here who posts writing tips on a regular basis. They'll help you improve.
    And I really doubt your stuff sucks...

  2. I understand totally. I abandoned this on MS I was working on - even thought I still LOVE the concept - because my character was just too angry all the time and I couldn't make him stop. Sigh. But keep at it. It's always easier to make something bad better than to not write it at all.