Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 2 of Live Bloggin'

I'm in a crappy mood. Writing this much is kind of hard.

Saturday 8:40 am: Woke up reluctantly. Started writing even more reluctantly.

Saturday 9:04 am: Ate breakfast. Stopped my reluctant writing.

Saturday 10:26 am: Chloe's twitter and blog are quiet. Too quiet. Still haven't started writing yet.

Daily Word Count: 459/5000 I'm feeling screwed already.

Somewhere between 10:26 am and 11:35am: Wrote a lot. Checked twitter a lot. Checked Chloe's blog obsessively.

Saturday 11:35 am: Made 2k. I've earned my lunch. Crunchy noodles, ftw!

Daily Word Count: 2165/5000 Almost halfway there! All's quiet in Chloe land. *fearful whisper*

Saturday 12:07 pm: Finished eating lunch. Surfed the internet. Look at pretty pictures on deviantart. Tried to ignore Chloe's pestering about a total word count. (It didn't work) I made green tea an hour ago and forgot about it. Now it's cold and way too strong. My Edward tea tastes bad. :(

Daily Word Count: Same... Total: 8916/15000

Saturday 12:12 pm: Watched an episode of the Vampire Diaries. My nose is running. I think I'm coming down with a cold.

Saturday 12:48 pm: Wrote a little bit. Mostly surfed deviantart. I also snuggled with my dog but he doesn't seem to like it.

Daily Word Count: 2527/5000 Halfway done! Total: Who the hell cares? :D Chloe's been busy...God dammit!

Saturday 1:07 pm: Decided to start writing after staring at twitter for ten minutes. No, people aren't going to tweet just because I want them to. I checked Chloe's blog. Ha! She's doing bio! And she has a group meet up! Started writing at a snail's pace. Stopped and ate leftover crunchy noodles. Debated whether or not to return to my writings. Started writing.

Saturday 1:36 pm: Still writing. Managed to reach 3k. I'm starting to feel burned out. *sighs* I decided to distract myself by texting my friend even though I should be using this time to get farther ahead of Chloe. Thing's are starting to slow down...

Daily Word Count: 3172/5000 Total: 9923/15000 Chloe's blog is quiet again...I can only hope she's doing biology instead of writing.

Saturday 1:40 pm-3:37 pm: Writing really slowly. Burned out. Grumpy. Paranoid. Sent a bunch of texts to Chloe and tweeted her a bunch. No reply. Maybe she's writing like a crazy person and she's passed me. Still paranoid and beginning to resemble a rabid animal.

Saturday 3:37 pm: A cyrptic tweet from Chloe. "It's still going". What can this mean? Is she still doing biology work?

Saturday 4:05 pm: Wrote around one hundred words. Texted a friend. Got distracted by TV. Heading off to the library even though I should write until I reach 5k.

Daily Word Count: 4283/5000 Total: Too lazy to tell you

Saturday 4:52 pm: Back from the library. All of those books made me kind of giddy. And sick. My stomach's killing me again. (No, I didn't eat the books) 700 words left before 5k. But I wanna reeeeeeeeaaaaad. My stomach and my headaches are trying to overthrow my mind. Bad body. Bad. I still want to read. I picked up Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr and The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. See my dilemma? Chloe's started writing again.

Saturday 5:40 pm: I finished my daily word goal! Whoooooooo! Watching Psych and eating chocolate!

Daily Word Count: 5751/5000 Total: 11808/15000 Chloe's on a roll! I'm worried...

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